Runaway Cara

Available as an E-book and in Paperback

RunawayCara-CoverHow not to get away from it all …

When Cara Sullivan’s world falls apart she does what any distraught Irish woman would do – she takes off on an island getaway with her best friend. 

The plan is to catch her breath while sipping umbrella drinks in the sun, but her exotic destination offers more than unshine and gin and when Cara finds comfort in the company of a handsome Cypriot things start to get complicated.

 Set among the beaches and ruins of the Mediterranean, Runaway Cara is a story about love, lust, betrayal and friendship, and a woman who discovers that running away from your problems is not the same as leaving them behind.

Runaway Cara is available as an E-book from Amazon Australia, US and the UK and worldwide.

A paperback edition is also available from selected retailers, or via the Shop button above.

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